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NBC's Guthrie: Sandy "Handed" To Obama "Seemingly From Above"

SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: Yeah, and it can change on a dime if people start feeling that the federal response isn't what it should be. But, look, when you have a race this tight, things like a hurricane, this can move the needle when you're talking about a race that's so close. And I think it was an important moment for the president because in the last three or four weeks of the campaign I don't think he had been going out of his way to appeal to independents whatsoever.

This is a campaign build to turn out the votes of the party. And here was a moment handed to him, seemingly from above, where he could look like that strong, independent, steady-in-a-storm, very appealing to the middle of the road voters. And, I might add, to unmarried women voters who are going to be very key in this election.

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