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Krauthammer: "Revenge" Comment Is "A Mistake Obama Will Regret"

"I think it clearly has affected the race," syndicated columnist and FOX News contributor Charles Krauthammer said about Hurricane Sandy on Sunday night. "We speculated about this in the beginning, on Monday, but now the numbers are in. If you look at the race last Monday, right before the storm, clearly, Romney was still on a roll. His momentum was diminishing, but it was still enough to carry him right over the finish line had nothing intervened. Well something did intervene, and it was a hurricane. And clearly, we see by the polls today, that it's had an effect. You look at the national polls, Rasmussen and others had Romney ahead by three, four points at the beginning of last week. That's now 0. It's not a dead heat and in the battleground states, there's been a bit of an edge for Obama."

"I think that played right in the Romney strategy of going large and it showed how small Obama remains, always on the attack," Krauthammer said of Obama's revenge remark. "Now to be fair, he was quoting F. Scott Fitzgerald, who said living well is the best revenge. But revenge is not a word you want to use in your closing argument and I think Romney pounced on that extremely effectively. I think it was within 6 hours he had the ad out … why should you vote? Obama says for revenge, I say for love of country. That is the perfect contrast of large versus small, and I think it is a mistake Obama will regret."

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