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Garrett: Obama Campaign Admits Early Vote Might Be Cannibalized

MAJOR GARRETT: One of the things that both campaigns are trying to do is call or separate, if you will, high propensity voters from low propensity voters. Both campaigns have a scale. The Romney campaign is 0-4. So if you're Al Sharpton, you would be 0 on the Romney scale; if you're Ann Romney you would be a four.

The Obama campaign has a 1 to 5 scale. So, Rush Limbaugh would be a one; Michelle Obama would be a 5. And when you lay these over in Ohio, what the Republicans believe the Obama campaign has done, is banked a lot of their high propensity voters, the ones who would show up anyway. What they're trying to do is call up as many of their low propensity voters in Ohio and then rely on a huge turnout of their higher propensity voters on election day.

Now the Obama campaign feels a bit -- they acknowledge that some of the folks that they're banking now are probably closer on the higher propensity scale. They do believe that there will be enough of a firewall, particularly in northern Ohio, to carry that state across the finish line.

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