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April 4, 2012 Archives

Howard Dean: GOP Is Anti-Gay, Anti-Muslim, Anti-Latino And Anti-Women
Romney: Obama Wants Us To Reelect Him To Find Out What He'll Do
Former Obama Admin Adviser: Clean Energy Brings Little Employment
Limbaugh: Obama's Economic Speech "Blatant Appeal To Dumbest Americans"
RNC Catches Obama Using "Same Tired Rhetoric"
Carney: Obama's Address Was A "Policy Speech" And Not A Campaign Event
Mark Levin: Obama's Attack On Supreme Court "Were Absurd Points"
Carney Dodges Question On Bishop Wearing Hoodie At WH Easter Event
Carney: Obama Attacking Supreme Court Is "The Reverse Of Intimidation"
Obama Campaign: President Is Protecting Consumers At The Pump
Van Jones: "We Overestimated Our Achievement In 2008"
Wasserman Schultz: Ryan Budget A "Path To Poverty"
Obama: Easter Story Of Jesus' Triumph Gives Me Faith In Troubled Times
Biden: "Our Energy Policy Is The Best It's Ever Been"
Carney Jokes Geyser On White House Lawn Is Admin Drilling For Oil
CNN Anchor: What About The Muslim Vote?
Carney: "Huge Portion Of Debt" Is Attributable To The Previous Administration
Lawrence O'Donnell: Mormonism Is An "Invented Religion"
Wasserman Schultz: "Nonsense" That Obama Will Attack Mormonism On Trail
Jon Stewart Mocks Sarah Palin Guest Hosting "Today" Show
Olbermann Explains Current Departure: I'm A $10 Million Chandelier
Robinson: Obama Is "Going To Be In Your Face" In This Campaign
Todd: Santorum's Core Support Groups Are Moving Toward Romney
"Special Report" Panel On Obama & GOP Differences On The Budget
Mark Levin: "Obama Cannot Be Trusted"
O'Reilly: Taxpayer Money Being Wasted At A Colossal Rate

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