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April 2, 2012 Archives

Obama Campaign Ad Touts Energy Policies
Mark Levin Rips Obama's Attack On Supreme Court
Obama Talks Playing Basketball, Coaching His Daughter's Team At NCAA Halftime
Van Jones: Obama Wouldn't Lose Black Vote If He Came Out As Gay
Coulter: Picking Rubio As VP Would Be "Pandering" To Hispanics
Dem Congressman: Obama Should Run Against Supreme Court
Limbaugh: What's Worked Better, Capitalism Or Obamaism?
Andrea Mitchell Gushes To Hillary: Everyone Expects You To Run
Obama: Court Striking Down Obamacare Would Be Judicial Activism
CNN's Don Lemon To Twitter: Stop Calling Me Racist!
Buchanan: Obama Guilty Of "Dereliction Of Duty" On Trayvon Martin Case
Hillary Clinton: Women Under "Verbal Assault" From Rush Limbaugh
Enhanced Video Shows Injury On George Zimmerman's Head
Jesse Jackson: Obama Under "Venomous Attack"
Obama: I'm Willing To Cut GOP Some "Slack For Now"
Not The Radio Interview The DNC Chair Was Expecting This Morning
Matt Lauer To Palin: "Are You Reading Some Newspapers?"
Arlen Specter Melts Down On Conservative Radio Talk Show
NBC Edits 911 Call In Trayvon Martin Death
Romney Silences Man Who Asks About Book Of Mormon At Campaign Event
Ann Romney On Mitt Being Called Stiff: "We Better Unzip Him"
"Mad Men" Attacks George Romney As A "Clown"
Bill Clinton On Hillary 2016: "Whatever She Decides To Do, I'll Support"
Rick Santorum Ad Likens Romney To Obama
Bill Clinton: Supreme Court Has "Politicized" Obamacare
Pro-Obama Super PAC Ad Ties Romney To "Big Oil"
Coulter: Santorum "Hurting Our Chances To Take Out Obama"
Faber: "Massive Wealth Destruction" Is About To Hit Investors

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