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January 23, 2012 Archives

Watch Live: NBC News' Florida Republican Debate
Andrea Mitchell: Romney Adviser Said Party Elites Will Find Alternative If Romney Can't Win Florida
Coulter: Newt Attacking The Media "Like Jesse Jackson Accusing People Of Racism"
Romney Proposes "Self-Deportation" To Solve Illegal Immigration
Carney: Obama's "Commitment To The Free Enterprise System Is Profound"
Fred Thompson Endorses Newt Gingrich
Palin On Christie Calling Newt An Embarrassment: He Got His Panties In A Wad
Chris Matthews: Mitt Romney Wears "Mom Jeans"
Romney Attacks Gingrich As A Lobbyist For Freddie Mac
Dick Armey Predicts A Brokered Convention
Woman Calls Obama An "Avowed Muslim" At Santorum Town Hall
Gingrich: I Supported Goldwater
Carney: Obama's Community Organizer Experience Contributed To Who He Is Today
Romney: Gingrich A "Failed Leader" Who "Resigned In Disgrace"
Gingrich Ad: Only Newt Can Run Against Obama And Win
Rep. Allen West: Obama Is The Food Stamp President
GOP Ad: 1,000 Days Without A Budget
Haley Barbour Defends Gingrich's Leadership As Speaker
Gingrich: Romney Is "Desperate"
Obama White House Sides With TSA Over Rand Paul
Rand Paul Talks To Press About Being Detained By TSA
White House Ad Touts Actions Obama Has Taken Without Congress
Dem Rep. Clyburn: Obama Had To Expand Food Stamp Program Due To Bush
Romney FL Ad: If Newt Is Nominee, Obama Will Be "Very Happy"
Carney On SOTU: Obama Will Discuss "Working With Congress Or Working Without Congress To Advance Policy Objectives"
Mitt Romney: "With Newt Gingrich It Is An October Surprise Everyday"
Biden: GOP Idea That Letting Foreclosures Occur Would Be "Quickest Way" To Solve Crisis Is "Right"
Gergen: "Newt Gingrich Is A Street Fighter Who Carries A Switchblade"
Buffett On Offer To Pay Down Government Debt: "That Was Symbolic"
Romney: If You Believe Gingrich Is An Outsider, Then You Believed Clinton Didn't Inhale
Romney To Occupy Hecklers: "We Believe In The Constitution ... Take A Hike"

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