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January 11, 2012 Archives

Sarah Palin To Mitt Romney: Prove You Created 100,000 Jobs
Gingrich Super PAC: Gov't Bailed Out Pensions After Bain Raided Them
Brit Hume: Romney "Hard To Stop" Because Of Liberal Support
Mitt Romney In 2003: Denounces Classical Republican View On Corporations
Krauthammer: Ron Paul "The Man Who Brought Libertarianism Out Of The Wilderness"
John Bolton Endorses Mitt Romney
Romney: "I Feel Sorry For Debbie Wasserman Schultz"
Gingrich On Bain Capital: It's A Question Of Character, Not Capitalism
Al Gore: "Civilization At Risk" If Global Warming Is Not A Campaign Issue
Wasserman Schultz: Tax Code Shouldn't Help Those Doing Well Do Better
Sen. DeMint: GOP Should Embrace A Lot Of Libertarian Ideas
Allen West: GOP Must Battle Obama on Recess Picks
Gingrich Ad Slams Romney On Abortion
Ron Paul Adviser: GOP Primary "Basically Now A Two-Man Race"
Perry: Venture Capitalism Is Good, Vulture Capitalism Is Bad
Romney: "It's Going To Be All Guns Blazing In My Direction"
Romney Releases Spanish Language Ad: "Nosotros"
Clyburn: "Income Inequality" Is Not About Envy, But Fairness
"Special Report" Panel On Daley's Resignation
Alter: In S.C., We Will Find Out If There Is Anti-Mormon Bias In The GOP
Fineman: Gingrich Is Going To Go For Broke, Try To Destroy Romney
Romney Compares Bain Work To Auto Industry Bailout
Gingrich Web Ad: "Imagine What Obama Would Do With" Romney
Dead People Receive Ballots In NH Primary
Michelle Obama: People Try To Make Me Look Like An "Angry Black Woman"
Wasserman Schultz Mentions AZ Shooting, Says Tea Party's Rise Has Led To "Lack Of Civility"

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