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September 7, 2011 Archives

Watch Live: Republican Presidential Debate At Reagan Library
Rick Perry: Social Security Is A Ponzi Scheme
Full Republican Presidential Debate At Reagan Library
Herman Cain Takes On Entire MSNBC Roundtable After Debate
Gingrich Slams Moderators, Media For Trying To Create Infighting
Perry: "Maybe It's Time To Have Some Provocative Language"
Mitt Romney: "I'm For The Tea Party"
Huntsman: Republicans Can't Run From Science
Perry: Obama Proved "Government Spending Will Not Create One Job"
Debate: Rick Perry Vs. Mitt Romney On Job Creation
Bachmann: Obama Has Weakened Us Militarily
Ron Paul: Those Who Believe In Liberty Understand The Market
Carney Ducks Questions On Funding Of Jobs Plan: "It Will Be Paid For"
Rush: Obama Hasn't Failed, He's Succeeded In What He Intended To Do
RNC Ad Compares Past Obama Speeches On Jobs: "Sound Familiar?"
Scarborough: Obama Has Proven To Be "Ill-Equipped" For Presidency
Karl Rove: Rick Perry's View Of Social Security Is "Toxic"
WH: Obama Not Going To "Serve As The Speech Police" For Democrats
Robert Reich: "Bizarre" To Think Deregulation Will Create Jobs
NBC's Chuck Todd: "Our Pollsters Are Concerned" With Obama Approval
Romney Doubles Down On "Corporations Are People" Comment
Giuliani Slams Obama's "Politically Correct" Security Policy
Eugene Robinson: Palin Not Running
Rove: Remember Giuliani Was The Frontrunner In 2008 Race
Texas Dem Jim Hightower: Perry "Testy, Thin-Skinned"
Carney: "I'm Going To Shuck And Jive"
Krauthammer: The "Cosmic Hypocrisy" Of Democrats On Civility
Maddow: Labor Day Speeches The Beginning Of 2012 Campaign

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