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April 7, 2011 Archives

White House: We "Sympathize" With Workers Affected By Shutdown
Sen. McCaskill: GOP Won't Take Yes For An Answer On Budget
Levin: Obama Does Not "Have Sufficient Respect For The Armed Forces"
Rep. Bachmann: "Troops Should Not Be A Political Football"
Surprise In Wisconsin: Incumbent Judge Receives 7,500 New Votes
Pelosi: Ryan's "Path To Prosperity" Looks Like "Road To Ruin"
Sen. Shelby: "We're On The Road To Financial Suicide"
Obama After Budget Meeting: "I Expect An Answer In The Morning"
Sessions: People Not "Going To Be Taken In By The Big Spenders"
Senator: Obama May Have Planned Shutdown Last Year With "Malicious" Intent
Jesse Jackson Compares Budget Fight To Civil War
Limbaugh: Trump Has "Blueprint" To Defeat Obama -- "Just Go At Him"
Dem Congresswoman: We're Fasting With SEIU Over Shutdown
House GOP Whip: If Obama Doesn't Pass Budget That Pays Troops, "Shame On Him"
Cantor: We Will Not Leave Town Until We Have Cut Spending
Van Hollen: We Need To Take A Few Days Off For A "Breather"
WH's Carney: Shutdown Not Necessary If Common Ground Is Found
McConnell: Dems Have "No One To Blame But Themselves"
Boxer To GOP: "Respect The Fact" That Dems Control WH & Senate
Sen. Harry Reid: "Ideology" Holding Up Budget Deal
Trump: "This Country Is Going To Hell"
Obama At Sharpton Event: Education "The Civil Rights Issue Of Our Time"
Fineman: Obama Needs To "Project" That He Will Be In Charge
O'Reilly: Why President Obama Doesn't Want Deep Spending Cuts
Krauthammer: Obama's Energy Plan Is "Drill In Brazil" And Windmills
Kristof On Rights Violations: If No One Does Anything, U.S. Has To

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