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April 5, 2011 Archives

Herman Cain On Muslims In Government: "I Don't Want .. To Be Looking Over My Shoulder"
Chris Matthews Blames "You" For Creating A Divided Government
Rep. Paul Ryan On Budget: "This Is A Plan To Re-Limit Government"
Michele Bachmann On Media Attacks: I'm Not Afraid
Herman Cain: Democrats Have Forgotten They Work For The People
Rep. Pence: "Shut It Down" If Dems Won't Agree To Cuts
Dylan Ratigan: "We've Got A Revenue Problem"
Rep. Anthony Weiner: Expect A Government Shutdown
Fineman: GOP Preventing Obama From Being The "Most Reasonable Man"
Obama: "Inexcusable" Not To Take Care Of Last Year's Business
Boehner: Democrats Want To Use "Smoke And Mirrors" In Budget Argument
Sen. Sessions: Obama "Submitted The Most Irresponsible Budget In The History Of The Republic"
Pelosi: GOP Budget Will Deprive Seniors Of Meals
Obama To Boehner, Reid: Act Like Grown-Ups
Scarborough To Obama: Apologize Over Promise To Close Gitmo
Rep. Tom Price: "This Budget Repeals ObamaCare"
Obama: Everybody Has To Make Some Sacrifices And Take A Haircut
Jon Stewart Mocks Transparency Of Obama Administration
Rep. Paul Ryan: "This Is A Budget That Creates Economic Growth"
GOP's 2012 Budget Proposal Explained
DNC Chairman Tim Kaine Running For U.S. Senate
Weiner: "Tea Party Nihilists" Want The Government To Shutdown
Sen. DeMint: If We Can't Stand Up Now, How Will People Believe Us?
Krauthammer: Obama Smart To Do A Low-Keyed Announcement
O'Reilly: Koran Burning Pastor & Karzai Have Blood On Their Hands
Fineman: Pawlenty Needs To Find A Way To Be Taken Seriously
Maddow: Southwest Mishap Shows Why More Government Is Good

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