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Rand Paul, David Axelrod Debate Politics At University of Chicago

Sen. Rand Paul visited the UChicago Institute of Politics for a conversation with students and community members about various political topics of the day. The two debate Citizens United, government surveillance and eliminating the Department of Education. ...

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Rand Paul Talks Government Surveillance With David Axelrod

Sen. Rand Paul, R-KY, came to the University of Chicago's Institute of Politics for an hour-long event with Institute director David Axelrod. Here they discuss government surveillance.

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O'Reilly: Intelligence Agencies Find, Kill Dozens Of Al Qaeda Terrorists

Bill O'Reilly celebrates a significant victory over al Qaeda and warns N.Y.C. Mayor Bill de Blasio that now is not the time to reduce police powers against terror suspects.

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Rachel Maddow: Oklahoma Is "So Red It Redifines The Realm Of Possible" In State Govt

Oklahoma bans its cities from raising minimum wages, considers ending both gay and straight marriage, and taxes solar power.

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"Special Report" Panel: Is President Obama's "Manhood" In Question?

Ron Fournier, Charles Krauthammer, and George Will discuss.

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Krauthammer: Obama Saying No Nation Should Dominate Another "Single Stupidest Remark" Uttered By A President

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: This is not a manhood issue with Obama; this is an issue of a complete absence of strategic thinking. It's not a question of the heart; it's a question of the head. This administration, this president did not have a strategic idea in their head. Let me remind you of the first grade speech that Obama made about foreign policy. He was at the U.N. in 2009 and

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Hume: Difficult To Find Places Where Obama Foreign Policy Has Made Things Better

BRIT HUME: It is difficult to look at a map of the world these days and find places where the Obama foreign policy has unmistakably made things better. But there are signs that the president may alas be shedding some of the illusions that have helped make the world such a disappointment to him. The estimable Peter Baker of The New York Times reported over the weekend that the president

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren Calls Hillary "Terrific," Says "I'm Not Running For President"

DAVID MUIR, ABC NEWS: Let me ask you a little bit about-- the headlines that are out there right now. I have read a number of articles just within the last week. And one of them is titled-- "Hillary's nightmare." And they're talking about you. What do you make of that? SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN (D-Mass.): You know, I-- I don't get who writes these headlines or what they're about. I think

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Dem Congressman on Obamacare: "We Will Lose Seats In The House"

U.S. Representative Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.) speaks about the Affordable Care Act on Boston Herald Radio, mentioning the plan's delay, taxes, and says a repeal is impossible because of the 31 million new Americans under the plan. "We will lose seats in the House," Rep. Lynch said. "I am fairly certain of that based on the poll numbers that are coming out from the more experienced pollsters down there. And I think

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Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: Obama A "Symbol," Not A "Leader"

Newsmax: The United States has an "image problem" on the world stage, and President Barack Obama is at the center of the circle of blame, retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters said. "We certainly have an image problem. It's amazing how fast our image of strength, of being a superpower, has crumbled," Peters told "Fox & Friends" on Monday. "The president is at the heart of the problem ... That's what

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John Harwood: Keystone Delay 100% Politics, "Not The Finest Hour" For Obama Admin

JOHN HARWOOD: I think for some of the Democrats in red states, Mary Landrieu, Mark Pryor, Mark Begich, the inaction or refusal to come to a decision allows them an issue where they can separate from their president and tell their voters, hey, I’m pressuring him to try to make the right decision. I don't approve of their delay. It gives them something to talk about. On the other hand,

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Ed Rollins: Right Now, Jeb Bush The Only Candidate Who Can Win Florida

"If Jeb basically chooses to run he's going to be a very credible, viable candidate. He's a great campaigner, he puts Florida very much in play for us, which is a key state for us," veteran campaign manager Ed Rollins said to Steve Malzberg on Newsmax TV today. ""My sense is that he can win Florida and nobody else that's running at this point in time can guarantee that they could

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Carney vs. ABC's Jon Karl on Keystone; WH Won't Answer Questions From Dem Senators

JON KARL: Obviously there have been some Democrats who are furious about this delay, Sen. Begich of Alaska said, "I am appalled at the continued foot-dragging." Mary Landrieu said this decision is irresponsible, unnecessary, and unacceptable. Heidi Heitkamp, Democrat of South Dakota said it is ridiculous that this has been delayed yet again. Your response to these Democratic senators? JAY CARNEY: My response to any questions about this or statements about

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"Morning Joe" Panel: Obama's Latest Keystone Delay Hard To Defend, Bad Policy

MARK HALPERIN: Leave the politics aside, as you said, just to go to the jobs and the ability of the United States to do big things. I don’t understand the delay. MIKA BZREZINSKI: There have been like four state department reviews approving or opening the door for it to move forward. It’s hard to defend. JOE SCARBOROUGH: What I don't understand is -- let look at the politics. Because this is all

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Obama Goes 1-For-3 On Basketball Court At WH Easter Event

President Barack Obama and former NBA basketball player Etan Thomas play basketball during the annual White House Easter Egg Roll. Obama went 1-for-3 this year, compared to 2-for-22 last Easter.

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Cotton Hits Back At Pryor's "Entitlement" Comments In Ad With Drill Instructor

Arkansas Republican Senate candidate Tom Cotton responds to Sen. Mark Pryor's comments about his military service in this new ad. "Sen. Pryor says my military service gives me "a sense of entitlement." So I brought in an expert," Cotton says as his former drill sergeant enters. "Drill Sergeant Norton taught me how to be a soldier: Accountability, humility and putting the unit before yourself. That training stuck," Cotton says.

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