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Monday, January 7
Flashing Red in Benghazi - Chicago Tribune
A New Year, But... Things Still Look the Same in D.C. - Las Vegas Sun
France: Flight of the Celebs - The Guardian
After Kyoto's Failure, Focus on Adapting to Climate - OC Register
Tuesday, January 8
With Nominations, Obama Sets New Tone on War & Peace - NY Times
Yes, Mr. President, We Have a Spending Problem - Investor's Business Daily
Assad & U.S. Blind to Reality in Syria - Washington Post
Bloomberg Speaks the Truth - New York Post
Wednesday, January 9
The Hagel Question - Los Angeles Times
Great Guns Debate: Grabbers Rise Anew - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
At EPA, Obama Should Look for Another Like Lisa Jackson - Boston Globe
The Cowards Surrender in Illinois - Chicago Tribune
Thursday, January 10
A New Name on the Dollar - The Economist
Pass Sandy Aid, But Cut Out the Extras - USA Today
The Jaw-Dropping Chutzpah of AIG - Baltimore Sun
Obamacare Threatens States' Fiscal Autonomy - Washington Examiner
Friday, January 11
From Talk to Action on Guns - Washington Post
Jack Lew's Budget Ineptitude - Investor's Business Daily
America's Health Disadvantage - New York Times
Richard Griffin's Union Dues - Wall Street Journal
Saturday, January 12
The Afghan War's Last Chapter? - New York Times
Gun Mania After Newtown - Los Angeles Times
Benghazi Terrorists, Skating Free - New York Post
Did Politics Play a Role in Bigelow's Oscar Snub? - Wall Street Journal
Sunday, January 13
College Tuition Is Too High - Philadelphia Inquirer
"Lower the Debt Ceiling" - New York Sun
Gun Mania - Los Angeles Times
Gun Task Force Must Avoid Trampling Rights - Detroit News