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Monday, February 13
Obama's Contraception Retreat Is Not Enough - USA Today
Minority Students Shouldn't Be Trapped in Bad Schools - Chicago Tribune
Guarding Against Cyber Attacks - Washington Post
Obama Punts on the Budget - Boston Herald
Tuesday, February 14
Athens on the Potomac: America's Budget Debacle - Chicago Tribune
The President's Responsible 2013 Budget - New York Times
Obama's Budget: The Spending Boom & the Debt Boom - Wall St. Journal
Greece's Woes: A Reprieve, Nothing More - The Economist
Wednesday, February 15
For Economy's Sake, Cut Another Temporary Deal on Taxes - Bloomberg
Obama Can't Have It Both Ways on Taxes - Washington Examiner
Iran's Tentacles - Jerusalem Post
Obama Winning His War Against Coal - Wheeling News-Register
Thursday, February 16
It's Math, Not Politics: U.S. Can't Keep Spending - San Diego Union-Tribune
Can Solve Voting's Flaws Without Requiring ID - Philadelphia Inquirer
Protection of Religious Liberty Is Our First Freedom - Chicago Tribune
A Challenge to Chavez - Los Angeles Times
Friday, February 17
A Few Suggestions for President Obama - Seattle Times
For Obama, Corona Del Mar Is Anytown U.S.A. - Orange County Register
Santorum's Manufacturing Plan a Stale Rehash - New York Times
Significant Devaluation the Only End to Greece's Torment - Telegraph
Saturday, February 18
Obama's Budget Is the Right Move - San Francisco Chronicle
High Real Unemployment Data Reflect Poorly on Obama - IBD
The Threat From Iran Grows Ever Graver - Daily Telegraph
A Poorer World Without Anthony Shadid - New York Times
Sunday, February 19
America Tangled Up in Environmental Regulation - The Economist
Pushing Beyond Limits on Gun Rights - Des Moines Register
Taxpayers Have One More Reason to Feel Sacramento Is Rigged - SDUT
Libya: Job Done? - The Guardian