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Thursday, April 24
An Embarrassing Decision to Block Keystone Pipeline - Washington Post
Health Law's Future More Precarious Than Obama Thinks - DC Examiner
U.S. Can't Let Cliven Bundy Win His Range War - Los Angeles Times
Race, Diversity and the Ballot Box - Chicago Tribune
Wednesday, April 23
Racial Equality Loses at the Supreme Court - New York Times
Sotomayor's Legally Illiterate, Logically Indefensible Dissent - NRO
Why Obama Must Be in Asia - Christian Science Monitor
Keystone Uncensored - Wall Street Journal
Tuesday, April 22
Dithering on Ukraine - Washington Post
White House Kills the Keystone Pipeline - Boston Herald
They Chose the NRA Over Your Safety - Tampa Bay Times
For Bostonians and Runners, a Joyful Day to Remember - Boston Globe
Monday, April 21
Obama and the Politics of Lies - Washington Examiner
Benefits of Stem Cells Outweigh Risks - Washington Post
Running Out of Time on Global Warming - New York Times
Taxpayers Shouldn't Foot Huge Bill for Obama Library - Chicago Tribune
Sunday, April 20
Bundy's Rebellion - New York Sun
Cliven Bundy Is No Victor - Las Vegas Sun
Taxing Peter to Pay Paul (Krugman) - New York Post
How Pope Francis Is Winning Hearts and Minds - Chicago Tribune
Saturday, April 19
Emails Show Corruption at Heart of Administration - Investor's Biz Daily
How to Run on the Health Care Law - New York Times
Mark Warner Running Scared in Virginia? - Washington Times
Ukraine: The World According to Putin - The Guardian
Friday, April 18
Those "Rogue" IRS Agents - New York Post
Obamacare's Winning Numbers - Washington Post
Vlad the Prevaricator - Bloomberg
A Pulitzer for Putin? - New York Sun
Thursday, April 17
President Obama: Regulator Without Peer - Wall Street Journal
Bloomberg Takes on the NRA and Guns - New York Daily News
Who Needs the Ex-Im Bank? - National Review
No Need for a Rush to Judgment on Obamacare - Los Angeles Times
Wednesday, April 16
Coalition of the Disappointed - Wall Street Journal
How to Reset the Climate Change Debate - Bloomberg
The White House Numbers Game - New York Post
Mr. Putin's Power Play - New York Times
Tuesday, April 15
The Misery of April 15 - Washington Times
Urgent Need to Address Climate Change - Tampa Bay Times
Another IPCC Warning: More Sci-Fi - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Year Since Bombings Proved Boston Was Always Strong - Boston Globe
Monday, April 14
Putin's Power Play - Daily Telegraph
Escalation in Ukraine - Washington Post
Elijah Cummings: Enabling an IRS Witch-Hunt - New York Post
Beyond the Heartbleed Threat - Los Angeles Times

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