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Monday, January 7
Hagel Means the Fight Over Iraq Continues - Peter Feaver, Shadow Gov't
Will Hagel Spike the GOP's Fever? - Ryan Lizza, News Desk
Hagel is a Fight Worth Having - Benjamin Friedman, @Liberty
The Obama Nominations - Victor Davis Hanson, The Corner
Hagel Pick Challenges Security Consensus - Jamelle Bouie, Plum Line
The Tea Party vs. Hawks on Defense Spending - Alana Goodman, Contentions
Tax Reform Died This Weekend - Timothy Noah, TNR
Another Way Republicans Could Close the Gov't - Suzy Khimm, WonkBlog
A World Without Grand Bargains - Ross Douthat, Evaluations
The Future of Conservative 'Populism' - Ed Kilgore, Political Animal
Does Obama Think Spending Isn't A Problem? - James Pethokoukis, Ideas
Let Barney Frank Take Over For Kerry - Wendy Kaminer, The Atlantic
Tuesday, January 8
Debt Limit Likely Will Be Reached in February - Jon Walker, FDL
A Modest Debt Limit Strategy -
Obama's Options on the Debt Ceiling - Jonathan Bernstein, Plain Blog
ObamaCare Will Accelerate Rising HC Costs - James Pethokoukis, Ideas
Republicans Can't Stop IPAB, But Might Slow It - Sarah Kliff, WonkBlog
Project to Replace ObamaCare Starts Now - James Capretta, The Corner
The Avalanche of Federal Spending - Ed Morrissey, Hot Air
How Dodd-Frank Helps Big Banks - Tim Carney, Beltway Confidential
Record No Longer a Drag on Brennan's Nomination - Alana Goodman, Contentions
Obama's Aloofness Doesn't Matter - Jamelle Bouie, TAPPED
How Representatives Can Be More Transparent - Daniel Schuman, Sunlight
Richard Ben Cramer, Rest In Peace - Chris Cillizza, The Fix
Wednesday, January 9
Continuity on Obama's Economic Team - Leonhardt & Bennett, Economix
The Founders Desired Cabinet Fights - Stephen Carter, The Plank
To Pick Cabinet, GOP Should Win More - Jamelle Bouie, Plum Line
The Problems of Voting Present on the Debt Limit - Ramesh Ponnuru, The Corner
Obama Floats Zero Option in Afghanistan - Malou Innocent, @Liberty
The Incredible Cost of Tax Code Complexity - James Pethokoukis, Ideas
Why Protecting Social Security Is So Important - Jared Bernstein, OTE
Assault Weapons Ban Is Not Enough - David Kairys, TAPPED
The Bipartisanship of Chris Christie - Erika Johnsen, Hot Air
The Nixon Legacy of Resentment - Ed Kilgore, Political Animal
George Will, and Statecraft as Soulcraft - Peter Wehner, Contentions
The Legacy of James M. Buchanan - David Kreutzer, The Foundry
Thursday, January 10
Lew is a Great Choice for Treasury - Stan Collender, Capital Gains & Games
Jack Lew: Architect of Fake Spending Cuts - Peter Suderman, Hit & Run
Will Jack Lew Have to Sell Medicare Cuts? - James Pethokoukis, Ideas
How Did Solis Do as Labor Secretary? - Brad Plumer, WonkBlog
The Limits of Executive Action on Guns - Ed Kilgore, Political Animal
Hagel's GOP Problem Isn't Just Policy - Alana Goodman, Contentions
What Would Nixon Say to Today's GOP? - Molly Ball, The Atlantic
Ryan Picks Up Where He Left Off - Steve Benen, Political Animal
The Case for Income Splitting - Reihan Salam, The Corner
Expansion of Economic Freedom Has Stagnated - Amy Payne, The Foundry
Administration Doesn't Want Brits To Leave EU - Erika Johnsen, Hot Air
Eric Schmidt Just Likes Playing Diplomat - Lydia DePillis, The Plank
Friday, January 11
The End of the Rockefeller Dynasty - Ed Kilgore, Political Animal
Changing the Language on 'Gun Control' - Evan McMorris-Santoro, TPM
Assault and Homicide: U.S. vs. Canada - Joseph Lawler, The Mark-Up
What 'Default' Means For the Government - Kevin Drum, Mother Jones
We Must Confront Our Fiscal Reality - John Makin, Ideas
So Much for Class Warfare - Catherine Rampell, Economix
Your Paycheck Just Shrunk - Neil Irwin, WonkBlog
Electronic Records Aren't Creating Savings - Ed Morrissey, Hot Air
Obamacare's Higher Premiums for Young Americans - Peter Suderman, Hit & Run
The Mortgage Mess and Jack Lew - Robert Kuttner, TAPPED
Jackson's Tarnished Legacy at the EPA - Katie Tubb, The Foundry
Was War the Problem? Or Nation-Building? - Michael Rubin, Contentions