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February 28, 2012 Archives

RealClearBlogs Morning Edition

Santorum: Weird Extremism or Shrewd Politician - E.J. Dionne, PostPartisan
Reagan's Crossover Democrats - Quin Hillyer, AmSpec
Romney Hits Santorum Effort for Democratic Votes - Michael Warren, The Blog
Santorum's Clueless Snob Comments - Nathan Pippenger, TNR
GOP Needs Neither RINOs or Possums - Jonathan Tobin, Contentions
Obama Rebuts Romney in UAW Speech - Laura Clawson, Daily Kos
Trying to Square RomneyCare - Ezra Klein, WonkBlog
Earmarks Haven't Gone Away - Tad DeHaven, @Liberty
Territorial Taxes and the Right's Missed Chance - Reihan Salam, The Corner
The Economic Impact of Leap Day - Matthew Yglesias, Moneybox

RealClearBlogs Evening Edition

Wall St. Billionaires and Michigan Voters - Jay Nordlinger, The Corner
Romney's Spending Edge is Shrinking - Rachel Weiner, The Fix
GAO: Gov't Wastes Billions on Duplication - Tina Korbe, Hot Air
Walker Recall a Referendum on 2012 - Jonathan Tobin, Contentions
Nocera's Puzzling Fracking Column - David Dayen, FDL
Why the GOP Wants to Kill IPAB - Steve Benen, Political Animal
Why Foreign Assistance Is Still Important - Michael Magan, Shadow Gov't
Senate Should Stay Strong on STOCK Act - Lisa Rosenberg, Sunlight