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February 20, 2012 Archives

RealClearBlogs Morning Edition

Is Santorum Really a Good Idea? - John Hinderaker, Powerline
Has Santorum Peaked Too Soon? - Jonathan Tobin, Contentions
McCain Breaks With Romney Over Afghanistan - Steve Benen, Political Animal
Presidents Day - Ed Kilgore, Political Animal
The Indispensable Man of the Revolution - David Azerrad, The Foundry
Cantor Fights Tax Cuts with Tax Cuts - David Dayen, FDL
How Republican Could Privatize Medicare - Sahil Kapur, TPM
The Real Defense Budget - Steve Clemons, The Atlantic
The First American Orbit of Earth - Ed Morrissey, Hot Air
Iran Takes Another Step - Maseh Zarif, The Blog

RealClearBlogs Evening Edition

Republicans Are Losing the Contraception Debate - A. Goodman, Contentions
The Myth of the "Catholic Vote" - Ed Kilgore, Political Animal
Winning With Social Conservatism - Karl, Hot Air
Don't Help Manufacturing Too Much - Jared Bernstein, Huffington Post
Romney Camp Blasts Santorum on Manufacturing - Robert Costa, TC
How Big is the Payroll Tax Cut? - Roberton Williams, TaxVox
The "Robo-Signed" Foreclosure Settlement - David Dayen, FDL
Wisconsin's Reforms One Year Later - Rob Bluey, The Foundry