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February 17, 2012 Archives

RealClearBlogs Morning Edition

The Ultimate Broken Promise - McCarthy & Roskam, The Corner
Romney's Endgame - Jaime Fuller, TAPPED
Democrats Mock Romney's Olympic Bailout - Jed Lewison, Daily Kos
Congress Must Act Now on Defense Budget - Max Boot, Contentions
Banks Can Use Taxpayer Dollars to Pay Settlement - David Dayen, FDL
House GOP to Obama: Nuke Cut Plan is Dangerous - Bill Gertz, WFB
Obama's No-Win Medicare Cuts - Peter Suderman, Hit & Run
Reversing Local Austerity - Paul Krugman, CoaL
Mandates in Practice - Robert Levy, @Liberty
Nixon's Trip to China Looks Even Smarter Now - David Ignatius, PostPartisan

RealClearBlogs Evening Edition

The Embarassing Step-Child of Our Democracy - A. Sorensen, Swampland
Who's Engaging in Nostalgia Economics? - James Pethokoukis, TE
The Real Economic Crisis Ties the GOP in Knots - R. Kirsch, New Deal 2.0
House Passes Payroll Tax Cut Compromise? - Brian Beutler, TPM
Iran and Al-Qaeda's "Shotgun Marriage" - Thomas Joscelyn, The Blog
Does the CFPB Need More Power? - Ed Morrissey, Hot Air
Clean Energy a Casualty of the Payroll Deal - Brad Plumer, WonkBlog
Borlaug: Humanitarian vs. the Doomsayers - Ronald Bailey, Hit & Run