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From 1776 to 2013: How America Has Changed - Paul Krugman, NY Times
Obama's Global Warming Folly - Charles Krauthammer, National Review
The Supreme Court's Assault on Civil Rights - Leonard Pitts, Baltimore Sun
Left Forever Refighting Old Racial Battles - Jonah Goldberg, New York Post
For Islamists, Dire Lessons on Politics, Power - Kirkpatrick & Hubbard, NYT
Obama Doubles Down on Egypt Folly - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
Good Riddance to Brotherhood's Fake Dems - Jeffrey Goldberg, Bloomberg
Obama's Legacy on the Line as HC Problems Mount - Amie Parnes, The Hill
ObamaCare: A Fiasco for the Ages - Wesley Pruden, Washington Times
The GOP's Abortion Obsession - Michelle Goldberg, The Daily Beast
The Lord of U.S. Labor Policy - Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal
New Yorkers Consider a New Nanny - Beth Reinhard, National Journal
Prosecutors Bungle Zimmerman Trial - Daniel Flynn, American Spectator
Davis for TX Gov? Don't Mess With It, Wendy - Harry Enten, The Guardian
In Reluctant Defense of Paula Deen - Rod Dreher, USA Today
Sorry, Gas Grills Are Better Than Charcoal - Mark McClusky, Wired
How to Thank a Soldier, By George W. Bush - Benny Johnson, BuzzFeed

RealClearPolitics Editorials

Sense, Sensibilities & Spying - The Economist
An Embarrassing Retreat on ObamaCare - New York Post
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How Free Are We This July 4th? - Las Vegas Review-Journal