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Why NSA Snooping Is Unconstitutional - Laura Donohue, Washington Post
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Senate GOP Leaders Botching Immigration - Robert Tracinski, Daily Debate
Why Such Hysteria Over Fracking? - Rock Zierman, Los Angeles Times
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How ObamaCare Could Flatline - David Moberg, In These Times
A Deflationary Rate Hike? - Larry Kudlow, RealClearMarkets
America Sidelined - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
My Abortion, at 23 Weeks - Judy Nicastro, New York Times
Late-Term Abortions Must End - Rep. Marsha Blackburn, Politico
Is Scott Walker an Underdog or a Favorite? - Ben Domenech, The Transom
From Tony Soprano to Chris Christie - Lee Siegel, New York Times
Russell Brand Devastates "Morning Joe" - Alexandra Petri, Washington Post

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