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RealClearPolitics Morning Edition

Only in DC Is Slowing Government Spending Bad - Rick Newman, US News
Obama's Sequestration Strategy: Shame - Brown & Sherman, Politico
The President Has Already Got His Higher Taxes - Rep. John Boehner, WSJ
Hagel's Sharpest Critics Should Self-Reflect - Michael Hirsh, Natl Journal
Conservatives Hyping ObamaCare Apocalypse - Jim Newell, New Republic
Will Only Suckers Buy ObamaCare Insurance? - John Merline, IBD
Rubio: The Electable Conservative? - Nate Silver, New York Times
Obama's Obedient Lap Dog - Michael Goodwin, New York Post
Axelrod & the Media's Dying Credibility - David Ignatius, Washington Post
Delusional Politico Journalists: Is This Mental Illness? - Rush Limbaugh
Florida Wakes From Tea Party Binge - Stephanie Mencimer, Mother Jones
Incredible Disappearing Pension Benefits - Alec MacGillis, New Republic
A Mighty Wind: Texas vs. California - Ben Boychuk, City Journal
The End of Cheap Airfare - Matthew Yglesias, Slate
Robots Are Eating Manufacturing Jobs - Christopher Mims, Quartz
Dependence on the Government Keeps Growing - Nicholas Eberstadt, RCM
Dr. Ben Carson, New Conservative Folk Hero - David Graham, The Atlantic

RealClearPolitics Afternoon Edition

Where Have All the Babies Gone? - Joel Kotkin & Harry Siegel, Newsweek
Can Democrats Turn Texas Blue? - Richard Parker, New York Times
Obama and the Death of Federalism - Robert Robb, Arizona Republic
Gov't Keeps Saying a Recovery Is Just Around the Corner - Neil Irwin, WP
The Trouble w/Republicans' Message on Sequester - Byron York, Examiner
Officially Confused by the Republicans - Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast
His Idea: Obama's Sequester Backfires on Him - Erick Erickson, RedState
Higher Taxes Are Better Than Sequester Cuts - Max Boot, Commentary
Sequester: Bad for DC, Good for America? - Vincent Carroll, Denver Post
The NRA's Sharp Turn to the Right - Scot Lehigh, Boston Globe
Dems Start Running From ObamaCare - James Taranto, Wall St. Journal
Egypt's Belly Dancing Barometer - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
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RealClearPolitics Editorials

President Obama, Sequestered - Chicago Tribune
China's Cybergames - New York Times
Environmentally Sound Reasons to Allow Keystone Pipeline - Bloomberg
In Detroit, Time for an Emergency Manager - Detroit News