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RealClearPolitics Morning Edition

State of the Union to Pivot Back to Economy - Ron Fournier, Nat'l Journal
Suddenly, Obama Cares About Jobs - Byron York, Washington Examiner
Perry Swoops In On Calif., Brown Not Impressed - Ross Ramsey, NY Times
"Trust Me" Not Enough on Drone Warfare - Dana Milbank, Washington Post
Nobody Wake Barack - Michael Goodwin, New York Post
The GOP Is the Party of White People - Sam Tanenhaus, The New Republic
A Problem the Democrats Can't Solve - Jay Cost, Weekly Standard
After Ron Paul, What Next for Libertarians? - Brian Doherty, NY Times
Many 2011 'Cuts' Had Little Effect - David Fahrenthold, Washington Post
No Bending on the Sequester - Paul Roderick Gregory, Forbes
Democrats Sharpen Their Political Knives - John Stanton, BuzzFeed
GOP's New Weapon: Bob Woodward - Eliana Johnson, National Review
The President Needs to Come Home - Carol Marin, Chicago Sun-Times
The Coming Battle Over the Ballot Box - James Taranto, Wall St. Journal
Killing Nemo: Storm Name Irks NWS - D. Brady, Bloomberg BusinessWeek
Did the CIA Betray Syria's Rebels? - Mike Giglio, Newsweek
Was Petraeus Brought Down by Palace Coup? - Michael Zennie, Daily Mail

RealClearPolitics Afternoon Edition

Obama's Speeches Are Political Action - George Lakoff, Washington Post
Progressive Policies Wage War on Middle Class - Conn Carroll, Examiner
Drones: Tough Talk, Little Scrutiny - David Nather, Politico
Remember the Dems' Outrage Over Waterboarding? - Jack Kelly, Pitt PG
Obama's Turn in Bush's Bind - Peter Baker, New York Times
A Pass-the-Buck Presidency - John Bolton, The Daily Beast
Rising Voice of Gun Ownership Is Female - Erica Goode, New York Times
More Claptrap From Climate Scientists - Paul Mulshine, NJ Star-Ledger
8 Founders Who Ruined Their Companies - McIntyre, Hess, Weigley, USAT
Stalled Out on Tesla's Electric Highway - John Broder, New York Times
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RealClearPolitics Editorials

Mr. Menendez's Ethics Problems - New York Times
President Obama Has Earned "Great Divider" Label - The Oklahoman
Obama Should Push for Carbon Tax - Washington Post
The Ayatollah Always Says 'No' - Wall Street Journal