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RealClearPolitics Morning Edition

Obama's Thunderdome Strategy - Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal
In Washington, a Season for Pragmatism? - Ruth Marcus, Washington Post
Under Obama, Stagnation Is New Normal - David Harsanyi, Human Events
The GDP Drop Is No Big Deal - Daniel Gross, The Daily Beast
Jay Carney's Nonsense on the Shrinking Economy - Keith Hennessey
LaPierre Tries to Manhandle Facts & Logic - Dana Milbank, Washington Post
MSNBC Criticised For Editing of Gun Hearing Video - David Bauder, AP
Chris Christie Looking Tougher Than Ever - George Will, New York Post
Rubio Must Sell Immigration Plan to GOP - Drucker & Trygstad, Roll Call
Why I Don't Like Marco Rubio's Plan - Erick Erickson, Red State
Hagel Nomination Will Pass - Michael O'Hanlon, USA Today
Not a Close Call: Hagel Should Be Denied - Jen Rubin, Washington Post
Neocons' Charge of a Jewish Purge at TNR - Jacob Heilbrunn, Nat'l Interest
Science Says 'Good Riddance' to Senator Harkin - Berezow & Campbell, RCS
Ex-CIA Officers Explain Enhanced Interrogations - William Saletan, Slate
WH Curiously Silent on Obama's Skeet Shooting - Glenn Kessler, Wash Post
Kroft's Obama Interviews Diminish '60 Minutes' - C. Friedersdorf, Atlantic

RealClearPolitics Afternoon Edition

Honey, I Shrunk the Economy - Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine
Obama's Agenda Is Tanking the Economy - Peter Morici, FOX News
How Dems Could Win on Gun Control--by Losing - Eleanor Clift, Daily Beast
Take a Bow, Hillary Clinton - Gail Collins, New York Times
Media Cheerleading in the Age of Obama - Peter Wehner, Commentary
Jack Lew, Avatar of Obamanomics - John Hayward, Human Events
Did Republicans Lose the Election? - Paul Starr, American Prospect
About That "Permanent Democratic Majority" - Karl Rove, Wall St Journal
Joe Miller: Good News for Alaska Dems? - Scott Conroy, RealClearPolitics
Thanks to Menendez, Dems in Trouble in Blue NJ - Steve Kornacki, Salon
Chinese Hackers Attacked NYT for Last 4 Months - Nicole Perlroth, NYT
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RealClearPolitics Editorials

As GDP Falls, Obama Runs Out of Excuses - Investor's Business Daily
Now Is Time for Dems To Use Their Political Power - New York Times
Why Isn't Gun Control Working in Chicago? - Washington Examiner
Immigration Reform's Moment Finally Arrives - Miami Herald