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RealClearPolitics Morning Edition

The GOP Must Lead (Again) on Civil Rights - Cliff Asness, The American
Obama, FDR and the Second Bill of Rights - Cass Sunstein, Bloomberg
The Bailouts That Never End - David Harsanyi, Human Events
Marco Rubio's Immigration Reality Show - Dana Milbank, Washington Post
Immigration Bills Take Shape. Can One Pass? - Caitlin Huey-Burns, RCP
The White House Strategy to Silence Dissent - Kirsten Powers, FOX News
GOP Lost in Its Own Wilderness - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post
Conservatives Should Snap Out Of It - James Taranto, Wall Street Journal
Republicans Will Never Attract Minorities - Michael Tomasky, Daily Beast
Obama: Skeet Shooter Among the Pigeons - Wes Pruden, Washington Times
Read My Lips: New Taxes - Leo Gerard, Huffington Post
Tax the Revolving Door - Glenn Harlan Reynolds, USA Today
Collective Action Is Overrated - Charles Lane, Washington Post
Whole Foods CEO John Mackey on Conscious Capitalism - Ira Stoll, Reason
With Weak Case, Hillary Shouts Louder - Thomas Sowell, Investor's Biz Dly
Why Clinton & Biden Won't Run in 2016 - Jill Lawrence, National Journal
60 Minutes, Obama & Softball Journalism - Brit Hume, FOX News

RealClearPolitics Afternoon Edition

Obama's 2nd Term: The Permanent Campaign - Molly Ball, The Atlantic
The GOP Establishment Is Destroying the Republican Party - Mark Levin
The Rising Progressive Tide - Katrina vanden Heuvel, Washington Post
Obama's "Second-Term Blues" Have Begun - Gene Healy, DC Examiner
GOP Won't Win Latinos w/Immigration Reform - Harry Enten, Guardian
Cesar Chavez's Immigration Legacy - Ben Domenech, The Transom
He's Done Something to the Jews! - Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine
Raddatz, Kroft: Voluntary Tools of the State - John Nolte, Big Journalism
How to Fix the Debt Without a Grand Bargain - Will Marshall, Politico
Can Cory Booker Keep It Together? - Ruby Cramer, BuzzFeed
Stop the Anti-Gun Bullying, Mayor Emanuel - Senator Ted Cruz

RealClearPolitics Editorials

On Immigration Reform, Now We're Talking - New York Times
A Promising Plan - If Obama Really Wants a Deal - Wall Street Journal
United States Should Lead on Climate Change - Kansas City Star
Illinois's Downgrade Makes It America's Greece - Investor's Business Daily