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RealClearPolitics Morning Edition

Profiting From a Child's Illiteracy - Nicholas Kristof, New York Times
The Looming Crisis of Student Loan Debt - William Bennett, CNN
U.S. Enabling the Muslim Brotherhood - David Ignatius, Washington Post
Why Are Republicans So Surprised Romney Lost? - Maureen Dowd, NYT
Romney: The Man Who Wasn't There - Robert Tracinski, RealClearMarkets
A Warning to President Obama - Dick Polman, Philadelphia Inquirer
In Talks, Republicans May Have to Just Say Yes - Robert Frank, NY Times
Beneath the Presidential Platitudes - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
Romney's Problem? All the Single Ladies - Gene Weingarten, Wash Post
Clinton's Choices Hinge on Just One: 2016 - Jodi Cantor, New York Times
The Man Who Could Be S.C.'s Next Senator - Rosen & Douglas, The State
Oklahoma Versus ObamaCare - Jillian Kay Melchior, National Review
Same-Sex Marriage Meets High Court - Michael Klarman, Los Angeles Times
A Case for Targeted Killings - George Will, Washington Post
Farewell to DeMint, He Won't Be Missed - Timothy Noah, The New Republic
Obama Planting Seeds of His Own Demise - Peter Ferrara, Am. Spectator
The French Really Are Les Miserables - Wolf Richter, Business Insider

RealClearPolitics Afternoon Edition

Reform Gov't Spending or Go Bankrupt - Janet Daley, Sunday Telegraph
New Taxes to Take Effect to Fund Health Care Law - Robert Pear, NY Times
Michigan: A Right-to-Work State? - Harold Meyerson, American Prospect
Will DeMint Bring Libertarian Flavor to Heritage? - Nick Gillespie, Reason
The Evolution of Jim DeMint - Kelefa Sanneh, The New Yorker
Morsi Pushes Egypt Toward the Brink - Matthias Gebauer, Der Spiegel
Now They Tell Us Libya Jihadis Got Our Weapons? - Ed Morrissey, Hot Air
What Would Replace Affirmative Action? - Jeffrey Rosen, New Republic
50 Shades of Grey Job Market - Terry Keenan, New York Post
Reflections on the Coming of Christmas - Walter Russell Mead, Am. Interest
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RealClearPolitics Editorials

Republicans Are Moving, Obama Should, Too - Detroit News
Medicare, the Beloved Budget Buster - Los Angeles Times
Killing UN Treaty: Partisanship at Its Worst - Tampa Bay Times
The Young and the Jobless - Washington Examiner