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Yesterday's Revenue Can't Support Tomorrow's America - Ezra Klein, WP
Spending, Not Lack of Revenue, Is Real Problem - Victor Davis Hanson, IBD
Boehner: No Progress in Talks - Huey-Burns & Simendinger, RealClearPolitics
Let's All Jump Off the Cliff - Belt, Bernstein, Gale & Swagel, Bloomberg
Republicans' Strategic Retreat? - Larry Kudlow, National Review
High Court Will Rule on Gay Marriage - Adam Liptak, New York Times
MI Lawmakers, Unions Prep for Face-Off - Karen Bouffard, Detroit News
Protesters in Egypt: This Is Just the Beginning - Evan Hill, The Atlantic
Egypt's Predictable Unraveling - Andrew McCarthy, National Review
Why Hillary Must Run in 2016 - Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast
Shock Therapy for Obama's Supersized Gov't - Robert Robb, AZ Republic
The Republicans, Dinosaurs and Denial - Charles Blow, New York Times
Permanent Gridlock - Jay Cost, Weekly Standard
It's the Gerrymandering, Stupid - Hedrick Smith, The Daily Beast
Why Lefties Back Welfare for the Rich - Jacob Sullum, New York Post
Obama Goes Off the Record w/Liberal Media - Erik Wemple, Wash Post
It's Hard to Be a Hero - Joe Nocera, New York Times

RealClearPolitics Editorials

"Bullish" November Data Mask An Ugly Truth About Jobs - IBD
The Next Civil Rights Landmark - New York Times
A Republican Pivot on Immigration - Los Angeles Times
North Korea: There They Go Again - Japan Times