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RealClearPolitics Morning Edition

Obama Taking U.S. Down Path of Greece - Michael Goodwin, New York Post
This Time, Obama Knows How to Beat the GOP - Steve Kornacki, Salon
For Dems, Entitlements Cloud Fiscal Talks - Erin McPike, RealClearPolitics
More Questions for Susan Rice - Maureen Dowd, New York Times
Shameless Attacks on Susan Rice - Kevin Drum, Mother Jones
Select Committee Needed on Benghazi - Fred Thompson, RealClearPolitics
Why We Shouldn't Cut Health Care Spending Now - Jonathan Cohn, TNR
ObamaCare's Rationers Argue "It's Good for You" - Sally Pipes, Forbes
The Coming Liberal Wave - Jamelle Bouie, The American Prospect
How Can the GOP Win? Find a Good Candidate - Noemie Emery, Examiner
2014 Senate Picture Promising for GOP - Josh Kraushaar, National Journal
Hillary Clinton's Latest Farewell Tour - Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg
After Close Election, Dems Look Like Sore Winners - Mona Charen, NRO
Don't Eliminate the Filibuster, Restore It - John Nichols, The Nation
The Govt's Expanding Definition of 'Poverty' - Robert Rector, New York Post
Gen-X Taxpayers Battered by Washington "Grownups" - Reed Galen, RCP
What Would Lincoln Do? - Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times

RealClearPolitics Afternoon Edition

GOP Careening Toward Debacle on Budget - Jonathan Chait, NY Magazine
Republicans' Secret Leverage - Peter Suderman, Reason
Where Are Obama's Spending Cuts? - Michael Tanner, National Review
Keep Social Security Out of "Cliff" Talks - Sen. Dick Durbin, USA Today
Is Egypt About to Become the New Iran? - Con Coughlin, Daily Telegraph
Republican Hypocrisy on Susan Rice - Michael Williams, The Guardian
Rice Bombs in Meeting With Senators - Andrew McCarthy, PJ Media
No Wonder Mitt Romney Lost - Joan Walsh, Salon
Regarding Saxby Chambliss - Erick Erickson, Red State
Global Fuel Prices Will Spark Next Revolutions - Vivienne Walt, Time
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RealClearPolitics Editorials

Time for Obama to Lead on Entitlements - Washington Post
ObamaCare's Truth-in-Advertising Moment - Wall Street Journal
Pare Down the Senate Filibuster - Financial Times
Warren Buffett's Case for Paul Ryan's Budget - Washington Examiner