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Can Obama Dodge the Second-Term Trap? - George Condon, National Jrnl
Knowns and Economic Unknowns - Irwin Stelzer, The Weekly Standard
How Democrats Can Keep Winning - Rahm Emanuel, Washington Post
Unions vs. Democratic Mayors - Tim Cavanaugh, Reason
Prosperity, Not Austerity - David Moberg, In These Times
Federal Debt Is Fraying the Political Fabric - Arnold Kling, The American
Fix Entitlements, Voters Say - Eleanor Clift, The Daily Beast
Lincoln, Liberty and Two Americas - Charles Blow, New York Times
Four More Years of Europeanization - Pete Du Pont, Wall Street Journal
Why GOP's Latino Outreach Plan Won't Work - Irin Carmon, Salon
Hispanics Favor Dems But Didn't Decide Election - Byron York, Examiner
Clashes Erupt After Morsi Seizes New Power - Fahim & Kirkpatrick, NYT
Another Step Toward an Islamist Egypt - Barry Rubin, PJ Media
The Odd Case Against Susan Rice - Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Atlantic
A Promotion for Misleading the Nation? - Rich Lowry, National Review
The Agent Who Leaped Onto JFK's Car - Paul Brandus, The Week
Family, Friends, Health and Freedom - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal

RealClearPolitics Editorials

Help for Homeowners - Washington Post
Here Comes the Regulatory Flood - Wall Street Journal
Failure of Walmart Walkout Underscores Union Decline - IBD
Earth to Marco Rubio - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette