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RealClearPolitics Morning Edition

Republicans' Listening Problem - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post
How Republicans Can Win Future Elections - Gov. Bobby Jindal, CNN
Messina Explains How He Ran a Killer Campaign - John Dickerson, Slate
Mitt Still Doesn't Get It - John Podhoretz, New York Post
The Political Landscape After 2012 - Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics
At GOP Governor's Meeting, Whispers of 2016 - Jeff Zeleny, New York Times
The President's Benghazi Problem - Peter Wehner, Commentary
Rice's Credibility Damaged, Kerry for State - Joan Vennochi, Boston Globe
DC Fiddles as Global Dangers Mount - Matthew Continetti, Free Beacon
Romney's Fatal Flaw Apparent Early On - Scott Conroy, RealClearPolitics
First Step Toward a GOP Revival: Acceptance - Ron Brownstein, Natl Jrnl
The Audacity of 51 Percent - James Taranto, Wall Street Journal
Can Jerry Brown Restrain Dems & Save California? - Lou Cannon, RCP
Zombie Ideas on Entitlements - Paul Krugman, New York Times
Beware Obama's "Regulatory Cliff" - Henry Miller, Orange County Register
Semper Fi, Honey? - Jacey Eckhart, New York Times
The Age of the Outsized Ego - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
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RealClearPolitics Afternoon Edition

Why the U.S. Job Market Remains Terribly Bleak - John Goodman, Forbes
Tax Haters Figure Out They're Screwed - Jonathan Chait, NY Magazine
A "Center-Libertarian" Nation? - James Rainey, Los Angeles Times
Petraeus Testifies Libya Attack Was Al Qaeda-Linked Terrorism - CNN
Who Changed Susan Rice's Talking Points? - Roger L. Simon, PJ Media
Republicans Have Scandal Envy - Paul Waldman, American Prospect
Sometimes a Conspiracy Really Is a Conspiracy - Jennifer Rubin, Wash Post
Feminists for the Win in 2012 - Jessica Valenti, The Nation
Republican Balance of Power Shift to Governors - Byron York, Examiner
Romney Needs to Shut Up and Go Away - Paul Mulshine, NJ Star-Ledger

RealClearPolitics Editorials

Middle East Peace Takes a Beating - Los Angeles Times
Obama Must Explain Benghazi Terror Attack - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
BP Pays For Its Careless and Destructive Behavior - New York Times
Get Ready for More IOU's from Pelosi & the Dems - Washington Examiner