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RealClearPolitics Morning Edition

A Stalemate, Not a Mandate - James Ceaser, Claremont Review of Books
Our Unsustainable Fiscal Trajectory - Robert Rubin, New York Times
The Election Finally Killed Reaganomics - Michael Tomasky, Daily Beast
Romney Now Joins the Long List of Nice GOP Losers - Thomas Sowell, IBD
Broadwell and Benghazi - James Taranto, Wall Street Journal
A Spy Tale With Missing Pieces - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post
Petraeus & Libya: A Time for Truth - Pat Buchanan, Pittsburgh Trib-Review
Scandal Ensnares Top Afghanistan Commander - Elisabeth Bumiller, NYT
California to GOP: Adios - Harold Meyerson, Los Angeles Times
Romney Got Fewer Votes Than McCain in Ohio - Byron York, DC Examiner
The Real Story About Polling Uncertainty - Jonathan Bernstein, Wash Post
GOP Can't Afford to Ignore Cities Anymore - Lydia DePillis, New Republic
The Looming Crisis of Liberalism - Charles Kadlec, Forbes
Obama the Dealmaker - David Brooks, New York Times
Rice, Albright Share Concerns on Drones, China - Alexis Simendinger, RCP
Petraeus Didn't Intend to Resign - Horwitz, Kindy & Wilson, Washington Post
Who's Getting Fired Over Petraeus Investigation? - Nick Gillespie, Reason
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RealClearPolitics Afternoon Edition

Obama's "Grand Bargain"-ing Leverage - Robert Reich, Salon
Facing Our Political & Financial Realities - Richard Epstein, Defining Ideas
Romney's Loss Clears Way for Return of Reaganites - Ralph Benko, Forbes
Kerry, Rice Eyed for Obama Cabinet Posts - Steve Benen, MSNBC
Petraeus Personally Investigated Libya Attack - Jonathan Karl, ABC News
A Handy Guide: Who's Sleeping With Who? - Andrew Malcolm, IBD
GOP Has Problems With White Voters, Too - Nate Cohn, The New Republic
Seven Reasons Why Romney Lost - Keith Koffler, White House Dossier
Massachusetts Nominees Have Nasty Losing Streak - Jim O'Sullivan, NJ
The Grover Plan: More Cowbell! - Mickey Kaus, The Daily Caller
U.S. Oil Output to Overtake Saudi by 2020 - Lananh Nguyen, Bloomberg

RealClearPolitics Editorials

Improper Silence Over Petraeus' Improper Affair - Cleveland Plain Dealer
Petraeus Was Right to Resign - Philadelphia Inquirer
Time to Tell the Truth - New York Post
Moving Forward on Immigration - Denver Post