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RealClearPolitics Morning Edition

Four More Years: What to Expect - Susan Page, USA Today
How a Race in the Balance Went to Obama - Adam Nagourney, NY Times
The Case of the Missing White Voters - Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics
Victory Should Settle a Bitter Argument - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
Do Dems Really Have an Emerging Majority? - Megan McArdle, Daily Beast
A Triumph of Values: Why Obama Won - Joel Benenson, New York Times
Prince of Bain Routine Just Didn't Fly - Peter Gelzinis, Boston Herald
The Survivor in Chief - Fred Barnes, Wall Street Journal
Welcome to Liberal America - Ben Smith & Zeke Miller, BuzzFeed
Back to Work, Looming Fiscal Crisis Greets Obama - Calmes & Baker, NYT
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
How Bernanke Got Obama Re-Elected - Alan Draper, USA Today
GOP Got the Electoral Rebuke It Needed - Joan Walsh, Salon
The Polls Were Right - Allahpundit, Hot Air
Obama's Daunting Demographic Message for GOP - Juan Williams, WSJ
I Was Wrong -- Where It Counted - Michael Barone, Washington Examiner
Happy Days, Even With the Cliff - Gail Collins, New York Times

RealClearPolitics Afternoon Edition

For Obama, Survival Is the New Winning - David Von Drehle, Time
Romney Failed the Trust Test - Joan Vennochi, Boston Globe
Can Obama Give Us New Confidence? - Ron Suskind, New York Times
Groundhog Day in America - Victor Davis Hanson, Orange County Register
GOP Learns Cost of Alienating Women Voters - Eleanor Clift, Daily Beast
Triumphant Obama Now Faces "Second-Term Curse" - Adam Clymer, NYT
The Long Game - Andrew Klavan, City Journal
ObamaCare Gets Its Vindication - Matt Miller, Washington Post
The Unvarnished Truth on Romney Loss - Mark Levin, Mark Levin Show
A New Liberal Majority Has Arrived - Bob Moser, American Prospect
Education Reform and Election 2012 - Andrew Rotherham, Time

RealClearPolitics Editorials

The Tough Road Ahead - Los Angeles Times
A Nation Upset With Status Quo, Voted for It - Orange County Register
Obama's Second Term: Change He Can Believe In - The Guardian
Labor's Bad Night in Michigan - Detroit News