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Days of Rage Over Big Government & Wall Street - Bill Flax, Forbes
Democrats Are Losing the Political Center - William Galston, New Republic
The Solyndra Scandal Is Phony - Joe Nocera, New York Times
F in Economics: Obama Fires Blanks - Caroline Baum, Bloomberg
Obama Should Embrace Class Warfare - Sally Kohn, Washington Post
GOP Disappointed in Perry, Divided on Future - Byron York, DC Examiner
Reconsidering Romney's Chances - Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine
Perry: Don't Pick Slickest, Smoothest Debater - Cameron Joseph, The Hill
Bernanke's Diminishing Returns - James Pethokoukis, Weekly Standard
Fed "Twist" Is Paving the Way for QE III - Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific Capital
Is China's Economy In Trouble, Too? - Keith Bradsher, New York Times
Suskind Portrays a Quarreling, Dysfunctional WH - Bethany McLean, WP
Black President, Double Standard - Melissa Harris-Perry, The Nation
Obama's Mistakes Are Not the Public's Fault - Peter Wehner, Commentary
Our Hidden Government Benefits - Suzanne Mettler, New York Times
How Many Obama Gaffes Can the Media Ignore? - Andrew Malcolm, LAT
A Power Shift in Asia - Robert Kaplan, Washington Post

RealClearPolitics Editorials

The Solyndra Chiefs Invoke 5th Amendment - New York Post
Palestinian UN Bid Will Hurt Efforts to Negotiate Peace - Boston Globe
Abbas Must Lead His People in a Different Direction - Bloomberg
Memo to GOP: The Foe Is Obama, Not Perry - Investor's Business Daily