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RealClearPolitics Morning Edition

Can Obama Avert a Fiscal Catastrophe? - Fred Hiatt, Washington Post
Planting the Seeds of Disaster - Robert Samuelson, Newsweek
Obama Started a Revolution - Stanley Crouch, New York Daily News
The Age of Obama Has Dawned - Bill Frezza, RealClearMarkets
Obama's Post-Health Care Power Surge - Peter Beinart, The Daily Beast
What Thrills the Left Will Scare Away Center - Chris Stirewalt, Examiner
Dems Cheer HC, But Grim November May Lie Ahead - John Harwood, NYT
Right's Anger Could Backfire - Clarence Page, Chicago Tribune
Bring on the Tea Parties! - Myron Magnet, City Journal
Sarah Palin Goes to War: Go for It? Hell, Yes! - Mark Halperin, Time
Can Sarah Palin Save the Tea Party? - Michelle Cottle, The New Republic
In Defense of Sarah Palin - Norman Podhoretz, Wall Street Journal
Punks and Plutocrats - Paul Krugman, New York Times
Arms Deal is Part Delusion, Part Naivete - David Satter, National Review
Obama Team Divided on Tactics Against Terrorism - Charlie Savage, NYT
Inside White House, a Fierce Debate Over Israel - Laura Rozen, Politico
Obama Slights Friends, Kowtows to Enemies - Michael Barone, Examiner
PN: March In DC: Out Like A Lamb | RCP Interview: Thaddeus McCotter
RCP Blog: 2010 Governor Polls | 2012 Winds Are Gusting

RealClearPolitics Afternoon Edition

Putin Vows Terrorists 'Will Be Destroyed' - Mark Memmott, NPR
Obama's Treatment of Israel is Shocking - Ed Koch, RealClearPolitics
President is Right to Stand for Change - Andrew Sullivan, The Atlantic
A Tarnished Presidency - Matthew Continetti, Weekly Standard
Obama is a Game Changer - Robert Kuttner, The American Prospect
The Complete List of Obama's Broken Promises - Jim Geraghty, NRO
Resignation Not an Option for the Pope - William Rees-Mogg, The Times
What China Inc. Wants Next - Bill Powell, Fortune
Tea Party: Hate & Vile Storm Trooper Sound Bytes - Mike Lupica, NYDN
Opposed to Obamacare? You Must Be a Racist - Pat Sajak, Human Events
Politics Nation: 'Major' Pawlenty Announcement On Wednesday 

RealClearPolitics Editorials

A Grim Sign for ObamaCare - New York Post
The Legal Assault on Health Reforms - New York Times
Despite Fall Vote, Now is Time to Fix Immigration - Arizona Republic
Rachel Maddow's Desperate Quest for Ratings - Boston Herald

RealClearPolitics Politics & Election News

Obama Team Divided on Anti-Terror Tactics - New York Times
Dems See Anti-GOP Backlash Over Unemployment Benefits - The Hill
Crist, Rubio Tear Into Each Other in Debate - Miami Herald
Party Strategists Ramp Up for Redistricting - CQ Politics