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RealClearPolitics Morning Edition

Wright Proves His Critics Right - Jonah Goldberg, Los Angeles Times
Obama's Pastor Casts a Shadow - Bob Herbert, New York Times
Wright Where He Belongs - George Will, Washington Post
Only The 'Dream Ticket' Will Save Dems - DeWayne Wickham, USA Today
Lieberman Would Be McCain's Perfect VP - Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call
America's Growing Cultural Gap - David Brooks, New York Times
What Polls Don't Tell Us About Small Town Voters - Jay Cost, RCP
Codependent Addicts: States & Casinos - Froma Harrop, Providence Journal
Is the Criminal-Justice System Racist? - Heather Mac Donald, IBD
The Fed Must Strengthen the Dollar - John Chapman, Wall Street Journal
Junk Bonds, Mortgages & Milken - Andrew Ross Sorkin, New York Times
China's Powerful Weakness - Francis Fukuyama, Los Angeles Times
Feelin' Bad For Obama's Grandma - Tom Maguire, JustOneMinute
The 'Change' Election, Losing Focus - E. J. Dionne, Washington Post
Obama's 'Change' Not What U.S. Needs - Thomas Sowell, RealClearPolitics
Bill Clinton: The Natural No More - Jonathan Darman, Newsweek
Understanding American Exceptionalism - Karlyn Bowman, The American

RealClearPolitics Evening Edition

Where the Dem Rules Really Lead For Florida - Craig Crawford, CQ Politics Blog
Reversing Course, Obama Denounces Wright - Vaughn Ververs, CBS News
Obama, Wright, and Honesty - Rich Lowry, National Review
Wright is Controversial, but Not Wrong - Ruth Conniff, The Progressive
The Anatomy of Wright's Disinvitation - Tom Bevan, RealClearPolitics
The New Math is No Better for Clinton - Charlie Cook, National Journal
McCain's Soft Offensive Against Obama - Jennifer Rubin, NY Observer
Sexism Isn't Holding Hillary Back - Kay Hymowitz, City Journal
In Defense of Bill Clinton - David Greenberg, The New Republic
A Victory Against Voter Fraud - John Fund, Wall Street Journal
America's Forgotten Hostages - Tim Padgett, Time
Obama Denounces Rev. Wright - Marc Ambinder, The Atlantic
Wright Might Not Hurt Obama's Chances - Andrew Romano, Newsweek
It's Time for Obama to Disown Wright - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post
The Clinton Foreign Policy Legacy - Barbara Crossette, The Nation
Dodging Wright is Slippery Dance for Obama - Rich Lowry, New York Post
Wright, Obama & Black Liberation Theology - James Cone, Forbes
McCain Moves to Middle on Health Care - M. Allen & J. Martin, The Politico
Gallup: Clinton +1 | Rasmussen: Obama +8

RealClearPolitics Editorials

Rev. Wright's Return - Wall Street Journal
Spinning the News Out of Control - Dallas Morning News
Petraeus, Odierno Deserve Gratitude - San Antonio Express-News
Vouching for Vouchers - Washington Post

RealClearPolitics Politics & Election News

At UNCW, Obama Promises Change - , Delete This Publication
Defiant Wright Puts Obama in Tough Spot - Chicago Tribune
Obama Heads for Superdelegate Edge - Wall Street Journal
In Florida, McCain Turns to Health Care - Miami Herald
Obama Takes Lead in Senate Endorsements - The Hill
White Women Could Tilt Race - Indianapolis Star
Clinton Asks for $2.3b in Earmarks - The Hill
Dems Fear Fall from Voter ID Law - The Politico
Supreme Court Upholds Indiana Voter ID Law - Indianapolis Star
Candidates Spar Over Gas Tax Relief - Raleigh News Observer
Don't Ask Edwards For His Political Theory - New York Times
Group Files Compliant Over McCain's London Fundraiser - The Hill
Obama Dread Turns to Glee for GOP - The Politico