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RealClearPolitics Morning Edition

Giuliani: The Vulnerable Frontrunner - Matthew Continetti, Weekly Std.
Is Fred Thompson Presidential Material? - Holly Bailey, Newsweek
The Argument: Dems Are Lacking Ideas - Nick Gillespie, New York Times
GOP Faces Dim Prospects in '08 - J. Weisman & C. Cillizza, Washington Post
Iraq Was a Mistake, but Leaving Would Be a Disaster - Josef Joffe, WSJ
Braced for the General's Verdict - P. Harris and P. Beaumont, The Observer
Postcards from the Front Line - Ralph Peters, New York Post
In Book, Bush Peeks Ahead to His Legacy - Jim Rutenberg, New York Times
Forget Doom & Gloom: Bet on America - Joel Achenbach, Washington Post
This Crisis Will Not Disappear Overnight - Niall Ferguson, Sun. Telegraph
Arthur Miller: Death of a Phony - Thomas Lifson, American Thinker
Our Summer of Scandals - Michael Goodwin, New York Daily News
There Were Two Creeps in the Men's Room - Mark Steyn, OC Register
Clinton's Obstacles Include Netroots - Barry Casselman, RealClearPolitics
Vladimir the Great? - Jay Winik, Washington Post
Ahmadinejad Isn't the Issue - Ray Takeyh, Boston Globe
When War Was The Answer - George Will, Houston Chronicle

RealClearPolitics Evening Edition

The Fred Factor - The Economist
GOP Scandals Get More Press - Jack Kelly, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
After Gonzales: Law Should Trump Loyalty - Stuart Taylor, Nat'l Journal
Will President Bush Bomb Iran? - Tim Shipman, Sunday Telegraph
Professor Petraeus Leads the Charge - Philip O'Connor, Chicago Tribune
The Former-Insurgent Counterinsurgency - Michael Gordon, NYT Magazine
The Peace Racket - Bruce Bawer, Los Angeles Times


The Primary Problem - New York Times
Gordon Brown's Betrayal of Democracy - Sunday Telegraph
Enter the Eurohawks - New York Post
Testing Mr. Bernanke - Washington Post

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It's Not the Bounce, It's the Fizzle - The Politico