July 27, 2007 Archives

RealClearPolitics Morning Edition

Obama Wins the Debate About Change - E.J. Dionne, Indianapolis Star
Strike Two for Obama - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
Giuliani is The Surprise of '08 Race - John Farmer, Newark Star-Ledger
A Secular Trend Toward Liberalism? - John Podhoretz, New York Post
Is It Over for President Bush? - Carl Cannon, National Journal
The Burgeoning Movement for Impeachment - John Nichols, The Nation
Attorney Controversy is About Politics, Not Law - Kimberley Strassel, WSJ
The Iraq War is Lost - Peter Galbraith, New York Review of Books
The Intellectual Stakes of the Iraq War - Robert Tracinski, TIA Daily
Subprime Debt Coming Home to Roost? - John Authers, Financial Times
A 1st Step in Addressing Health Costs - Gov. Phil Bredesen, Ideas Primary
Socialized Medicine Doesn't Work - David Gratzer, Investor's Business Daily
America's Nuclear Revival - David Whitford, Fortune
Gut Feelings and Real Threats - Cathy Young, Reason
How to Deal with Dictators - Peter Beinart, Time
Pvt. Beauchamp: In Big Trouble Either Way - Jack Kelly, Pittsburgh PG
Schmoozing Without Boozing - Russ Smith, Wall Street Journal

RealClearPolitics Evening Edition

Baghdad Diarist: Just 'One Soldier's View' - Howard Kurtz, Washington Post
The Real Story: TNR's Editorial Decision Making - Dean Barnett, Townhall
Fred Thompson, Humble Country Lobbyist - Jonathan Chait, New Republic
Clinton Rope-A-Dopes Obama - Blake Dvorak, RealClearPolitics
Do the Democratic Candidates Fear Daily Kos? - Bill O'Reilly, FOX News
Can Al Franken Actually Win a Senate Seat? - Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call
Is Ron Paul Good for Libertarians? - Brian Doherty, Reason
U.S.-U.K. Relations May Be a Little Less 'Special' - Ian Bremmer, RCP
Will the Leak Ruin the Engine? - Steven Pearlstein, Washington Post


Complacency and The Wiretap Debacle - Wall Street Journal
The Case for Trade - New York Times
How to Deal With a Falling Population - The Economist
NBA Allegations Stain the Essence of Sports - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Politics & Election News

Fight Between Clinton, Obama Grows Larger - The Politico
Clinton Continues Demanding Iraq Withdrawal Plans - New York Sun
Edwards: Raise Capital Gains Tax - New York Times
Thompson Flashes Conservative Credentials Online - Washington Post
Obama Calls For Uniter In The White House - Associated Press
Dodd Health Plan Like Federal Employee Benefits - Des Moines Register
Iowa A Top Terror Target, Says Richardson - Rocky Mountain News
Obama, Giuliani Target Young Voters With Cheap Events - Dallas Morning News
Giuliani To Skip Sept. YouTube Debate - New York Post
Romney Likely To Address Faith In Speech - Associated Press